Sony Xperia with pop-up camera and speakers found on published patent


A recently published Sony patent reveals that the Japanese tech company is also adopting the mechanism, adding its spin that could make it the most innovative pop-up design yet.

Top and bottom pop-up mechanisms

According to the published patent, Sony is considering a retractable design that will house a single front-facing camera which features. The mechanism also features space to integrate a speaker on the top extendable part.

The document details that the Sony design features a dual-speaker system; the second speaker is housed on a secondary retractable mechanism that pops down from the bottom of the smartphone.

The top and bottom mechanisms also function independently from each other, automatically popping in and out as needed. The patent document also reveals that both the top and bottom mechanisms will be fully extended during phone calls.

When taking selfies, only the top part extends upwards. Listening to music or watching a video or a movie will extend both the top and bottom parts to provide a dual speaker system on the left and right sides in landscape orientation where it could provide excellent audio output.

Sony Xperia with a full front screen display

With the popup mechanism housing the two speakers and the single front selfie camera, the design features a notch-less full front screen display. A very thin bezel can also be seen on the design, but it can very well be a borderless screen considering how negligible the frame looks. The mechanisms that pop up and down are also noticeable only as narrow chins when retracted.

Sony Xperia and the future

Manufacturing and release details for this device are yet to be determined. As a patent, it is still up in the air if Sony would produce a device with dual speakers and a front camera contained on pop-up mechanisms.

A prominent feature most Sony Xperia models are noted for is being waterproof. The idea of having pop-up mechanisms might present a challenge if the Japanese manufacturer takes waterproofing into account.

Sony makes solid smartphones. But with two extending parts that contain sensitive tech, it may consider building the device for toughness. Dropping a phone with these features could mean a disaster.

Sony Xperia 1 II will be hitting store shelves soon, so there is enough to be excited about. But the thought of a future device with features detailed in the recent patent is very promising.

Image used courtesy of TCK Tech/YouTube Screenshot



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