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Soo Ae and Kim Kang Woo to star in an upcoming JTBC drama


Soo Ae and Kim Kang Woo confirmed their appearance in the upcoming JTBC drama Gong Jak City (literal title).

The new JTBC drama Gong Jak City starring Soo Ae and Kim Kang Woo is a psychological mystery thriller. It is about the entwined relationships of the characters having various desires in the society hiding its dark sides. And also, the things that disappear as they become greedy ambitious of power.

The set takes place against the backdrop of an art museum belonging to Sung Jin Group, a major conglomerate that controlled the financial and reins of the political worlds of South Korea. The drama revolves around female characters.

Soo Ae’s new role in a drama

Soo Ae will portray Yoon Jae Hee’s role as the head of the Sung Jin Cultural Foundation. She is also the operations-in-charge at Space Jin (an art museum owned by Sung Jin Group).

The character is the daughter-in-law of the family that controls the Sung Jin Group. However, she preferred to throw away her long-time love and engaged in a marriage of convenience with an illegitimate son Sung Jin Group, Jung Joon Hyuk.

She believed that a stable profit leads to a steady life and that poverty is corrosive to love. She collaborates with the succeeding Public Prosecutor General and comes to blows against Sung Jin Group.

Kim Kang Woo as Soo Ae’s husband

On the other hand, Kim Kang Woo will portray Yoon Jae Hee’s husband, Jung Joon Hyuk. He possesses a hidden inferiority complex over being labeled as the “illegitimate son of Sung Jin Group” for his entire life even though he is a famous anchorman with his fan club.

He chuckles to both ambitious people and those pretending to have no ambitions as he marks time waiting for the day when he could seize the reins of power.

The new drama Gong Jak City is written by Son Se Dong and will be helmed by Director Jeon Chang Geun, who is known for his distinctive touch on the shows like Mystic Pop-Up Bar and The Package.

Gong Jak City sets to premiere sometime in the second half of 2021.

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