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Sophie Turner allegedly sent to rehab by Joe Jonas


Sophie Turner was on the news last year after it was alleged that her heavy drinking already reached an alarming level.

It was said that her husband Joe Jonas and their friends think that they should have her admitted to a rehab facility before she becomes uncontrollable.

According to the report that was published in NW magazine, the Game of Thrones star’s heavy drinking made the singer’s pals worried.

Friends are concerned that Joe would be influenced by Sophia’s drinking

Joe Jonas may have gotten used to her partying and accepted this fact but his friends think differently. For them, Sophie Turner needs to change her lifestyle as soon as possible

“They’re worried that Sophia’s drinking habits might not be the best for Joe,” the tipster told the outlet. “He’s gone through periods of heavy drinking himself and has to be disciplined about not going overboard.”

The source added, “But Sophie loves nothing more than a big boozy session.”

The tabloid also mentioned that this was around the time when her Game of Thrones co-star Kit Harrington checked into a rehab facility for his drinking problem. Thus Jonas’ friends wonder if she should follow his example and do the same.

“It’s not like she’s completely out of control yet!” the source shared. “But she has the potential to be super wild and getting help sooner would be best for her.”

The tipster commented that the actress will surely deny until the end that she has a problem even though it appears that her partying is becoming more frequent.

Was Sophia Turner spent some time at rehab last year?

Gossip Cop wrote that the report about her stint at a rehab for drinking problems was totally false. The publication noted that Sophia Turner did not get treatment at a facility, at least not publicly.

It was assumed that NW fabricated a story about the GoT star because they knew that more people will read the article since the drama is very popular.

Another reason is that – because Kit Harrington admitted that he has a problem with alcohol and got himself admitted for rehabilitation, the public will really be interested in Sophia Turner’s rehab case as well.

Finally, Gossip Cop pointed out that NW did not present any proof that would prove that Sophia Turner was at rehab last year. With nothing to back up the claims, this is definitely just one of those baseless rumors.

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