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Sophie Turner calls Joe Jonas ‘baby daddy’ after welcoming Willa


Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas recently welcomed their first child together.

For several months, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas kept their silence about their pregnancy. Even after the birth of their first daughter, Willa, they are seemingly keeping it all private.

Despite this, the couple has now returned to updating their social media accounts. Weeks after welcoming their first daughter, they have already started to post a few updates on Instagram.

Sophie Turner calls her husband “baby daddy”

In celebration of Joe Jonas’ 31st birthday, Sophie Turner posted a photo on the platform to greet her husband. She shared a black and white picture of them and captioned it with a simple greeting.

While the post itself is not a “huge deal,” this is the first time that they addressed their first child before the public, according to Buzzfeed. As it happened, the 24-year-old actress called her husband, “baby daddy.”

This, reportedly, made fans “excited,” considering that Sophie has seemingly given him a new “nickname.” But, aside from “baby daddy,” she also included “bub” in the post, causing many fans to express their joy and delight toward the couple.

Nick and Kevin greeted their brother, too

Alongside Sophie Turner, Joe Jonas, also received warm greetings from his family. Nick Jonas took his greeting to Instagram and described his brother as the “funniest person” that he knows. He said that he loves “celebrating” him, adding that he feels “so lucky” to have Joe as his brother.

Meanwhile, Kevin Jonas posted his greeting on Twitter, which comes with a photo of Joe Jonas. He captioned it with a simple greeting, wishing him an “incredible day.”

Joe Jonas posted a photo after welcoming Willa

Sophie Turner gave birth to Willa on July 22. After bringing their daughter home, Joe Jonas posted the first photo of them since becoming parents. While it does not include their almost-month-old daughter, it features them, who looks “completely chill,” according to Cosmopolitan.

Through the photo, they emphasized the importance of wearing masks, noting that it is the only “tea.” Despite not sharing anything about their daughter, sources from various publications, reportedly, revealed that they are “already obsessed” with the new addition to their small family.

Another source said that Joe Jonas is “very hands-on” with Willa. He, reportedly, wants to do everything to help Sophie Turner, and be with their first child. They are “taking time,” though, to enjoy their special and private moment, along with family and friends.

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