Sophie Turner responds to criticism after attending protest


Sophie Turner, recently, explained the purpose of the protest to a critic on social media.

Sophie Turner is receiving a lot of attention lately from the media. Following the emergence of several pregnancy reports, as well as photos of her baby bump, it is not surprising why the focus has centered on her these past few weeks.

Earlier this week, though, she made into the headlines not because of the pregnancy. Instead, the reports went on to tackle what happened between her and a critic after she broke silence on the apparent unrest in the United States.

Sophie Turner supports movements against racism

In light of George Floyd’s death, several celebrities have utilized their respective platforms to advocate the fight against racism. One of them included Sophie Turner, who, despite her reported pregnancy, joined the protests in her community.

During the weekend, the Game of Thrones star posted photos and videos of her attendance to the protest, according to People. As stated, she went with her husband, Joe Jonas, and a few friends.

The post on social media reportedly came with a set of visuals, including a video she filmed while the crowd chants. There is also a photo of her holding a sign that reads, “White silence is violence.”

She captioned the post with “No justice, no peace #BlackLivesMatter.” This, reportedly, became viral on various platforms.

Some netizens question the protests

The majority of Sophie Turner’s fans and followers reportedly praised and commended her for her advocacies. However, not all netizens seemingly stood with her as there were critics who spoke “critically” on her post.

One netizen commented that the police officials were already “arrested and charged with murder,” which is a reference to the officials who are responsible for George Floyd’s death. “Can we have peace now?” the user added.

Sophie on ‘changing the system’

Sophie Turner did not waste time and shortly responded to the netizen, as per BuzzFeed News. As reported, the actress replied to the comment made on Instagram and explained why she is still continuing the fight.

She said that the protests are not just about “those 4 cops.” Rather, “this is about the systemic racism that black people have faced for hundreds and hundreds of years.”

Sophie went on to mention that the protest is all about Breonna Taylor, Trayvon Marin, and Eric Garner. “This is about changing the system,” she added.

“Justice will be done when society reflects our beliefs that we are all equal. Until then, there should be no peace,” Sophie Turner concluded.

Image used courtesy of Photocarioca/Shutterstock

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