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Sophie Turner reportedly stripped ‘completely naked’ for Quibi’s ‘Survive’


Sophie Turner, reportedly, stripped “naked” for an episode of Quibi’s mini-series “Survive.”

Sophie Turner has become the face of many reports in recent weeks following the pregnancy speculations. While several publications have already noted that she and Joe Jonas are expecting, the actress, along with her husband, has kept quiet about it.

But, aside from the pregnancy reports, the Game of Thrones star made into the headlines a few weeks ago after Quibi’s thriller mini film series, Survive premiered on the platform. As it happened, she stripped “completely naked” for the material, according to the Daily Mail.

Sophie Turner starred in Survive

Survive is a 12-part web television mini-series, with each episode lasting for five to ten minutes. The material dropped on the platform on April 6 and ended its course on April 17.

Sophie Turner played the leading role of Jane. After getting out of the facility, she gets on a plane, which, later on, crashes. She becomes one of the only two survivors of the accident.

As reported, the main plot follows Sophie’s “physical and mental battle” as her character faces the aftermath of the crash.

She sat naked for a shower scene

In one of the episodes, Sophie Turner, reportedly, sits in the shower block as she fixes her sight on a razor. During the scene, which the publication referred to as “harrowing,” the Dark Phoenix star is “completely naked.

This happened prior to her exit on the mental health rehabilitation center. The actress also reportedly shared in previous interviews that her character, Jane is “incredibly depressed.” She is going to go kill herself but, “she ends up fighting for her life,” Sophie added.

Sophie talks about her character

Following the premiere of Survive on Quibi, Sophie Turner discussed her character and the material on interviews. She was “candid” drawing from her life as she builds the character, Variety said.

Sophie asserted that she utilized her “past experiences” for the character. She added that she has gone through what Jane had to.

As the interview progressed, Sophie Turner reportedly went on to talk about persons living with mental conditions, like PTSD and bipolar disorder. She then said that it is “different for everyone.”

“In my experience, everyone who I have met who has struggled so much, [they] have been the greatest actors that I have ever met in my life. It was never obvious to me,” Sophie Turner added.

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