Souls-like game ‘Hellpoint’ will destroy players starting July 30


Sci-Fi horror RPG Hellpoint announced that the game would come out on July 30. The title received a delay early this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hellpoint is among the upcoming games this season, with very Souls-like gameplay. To signify the game’s upcoming release, dev team Cradle Games dropped a trailer. This new footage showcases the significance of teamwork.

Hellpoint offers Eldritch horror gameplay in space

HP is one of the many games that is hard to point out its genre because of the style. Even then, this bleak, dissonance-inducing clash gives it a certain character to it.

The game follows the space station Irid Novo, one of man’s biggest scientific achievements. The station is there as “a beacon of galactic cooperation and scientific exploration.” Much like any sci-fi horror game, a lot of things went wrong with the story.

With where the game is, people will not even consider that it is a space station. The entire game world is full to the brim with Eldritch monsters and cosmic evils. The station is crawling with Old Ones and their many bizarro lackeys.

A nearby blackhole screwed everything up, summoning every evil entity in the cosmos. This event also triggered different boss fights, modified monstrosities, and hordes of malice.

The game offers a ton of different ways to dispatch enemies. These methods will include many different melee and ranged weapons. Players can enjoy the game solo, like any traditional Dark Souls game, or they can play coop.

The game allows for online coop or traditional local coop. Players can move through all the evil entities with a friend in tow. Loot is shareable, but the experience is individual and is not “watered down.”

Hellpoint is a bleak world with superb gameplay

From the looks of the trailer, Hellpoint is looking for an aesthetic unlike any other. Players will feel like they transported to the depths of hell, for better or worst. Every inch of the bloody world is hostile, and it’s never shy to destroy players.

For people who are itching for a new Souls-like game, this is likely the title for them. The motion is as fluid as it goes for a Dark Souls themed game. The entire game seems to feel like an RPG version of DOOM Eternal.

Players can find more about Hellpoint at their official website. Players can also enjoy Hellpoint: The Thespian Feast on Steam. Thespian Feast is a standalone action RPG set 50 years after the events of the original game.

Images courtesy of Cradle Games/YouTube Screenshot

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