‘Source of Madness’ coming to PC and Switch with AI monstrosities


Horror rogue-lite Source of Madness will come to PC and Nintendo Switch. The game aspires from H.P. Lovecraft’s works, with a unique twist on monster creation.

Source of Madness takes on the way Lovecraft creates his monsters. The game uses machine learning to create new monsters for every play session. With every run, players will fight a slew of monsters different from the ones before.

In its newest trailer, the game shows off how it creates the horrors that haunt the players.

SoM creates tentacled horrors through machine learning AI

In Lovecraft’s cosmic horror, one of the writing techniques the author uses is vague descriptions. Unlike many horror writers, Lovecraft makes sure to make his monsters as surreal as possible. This look is what SoM is trying to achieve.

In the rogue-lite platformer, players will see a different monster every time. The machine learning AI tries to generate a unique creature every time. Even then, monsters can only look too different.

Many of the monsters will look like hungry insectoids and tentacled freaks. Many of the enemies take on the major unknowns from Lovecraftian works. Some look like humanoid monsters similar to Hastur, while others look similar to Shoggoths.

Players would need to traverse a variety of landscapes with every run. It’s the player’s job to go across the Loam Lands, from the Tower of Knowledge to the Tower of Madness. Everything in between is equal parts horror and equal parts evil.

Developer Carry Castle is trying to create a desperate scenario for the world’s tragic hero. The entire story is likely enough to push player characters to fight on amidst the horrors ahead.

Realistic physics and procedural monster generation defines Madness

Source of Madness uses realistic physics at the forefront of the game. While players are fighting horrific fantasy monsters, they behold themselves to the rules of the world. There are nine potential biomes to traverse, with four boss monsters to slay.


The procedural monster generation is there to keep players on their toes. Every run is unpredictable, with players at the mercy of an AI who doesn’t want them to win. It’s pure skill that can push players past the monsters hellbent on making their lives harder.

As players spill the blood of their enemies, they can use these to quench special altars. These sacrificial altars can give new magic to players that can aid them in battle. These magic powers are there to help players in their approach towards an unforgiving world.

Source of Madness will be available on PC and Nintendo Switch. There is no clear release date on the game yet, but its listing says 2021.

Images courtesy of Thunderful Publishing/YouTube Screenshot

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