South Korea using blockchain app to curb underage drinking

South Korea using blockchain app to curb underage drinking

A new app based upon blockchain technology has been released in South Korea that can be used for driver license identification.

The app is called “Pass” and was created by SK Telecom. The authentication aspect of the app can be used for a variety of purposes, such as combating underage drinking.

Blockchain for checking customer age

The app is linked to the license verification system of the Korean Highway Traffic Authority and National Police Agency. While Pass has been around since 2018, this marks the first time the app is being linked with driver licenses.

Lee Tong of SK Telecom says, “This is the first time in Korea to provide a nationwide digital driver’s license verification service. Pass mobile driving license verification service will be rapidly expanded in the future to expand the field of use and for mobile financial transactions.”

The blockchain-based app is being used to ensure that minors in South Korea do not purchase alcohol or tobacco at stores. Clerks scan a barcode using the app to make sure the buyer is of legal age.

Pass is also being used for online banking and shopping services. Another use is in combating the spread of COVID-19.

People who visit places like nightclubs have to submit QR codes with personal data. This data is encrypted and destroyed after four weeks. The data collected helps authorities track the spread of COVID-19 and who is impacted.


Medical tourism in South Korea gets blockchain boost

A number of businesses, hospitals, and universities are working together to create a blockchain app focused on medical tourists to the city of Busan. The groups involved include Dong-A University Hospital, Pusan National University Hospital, Gosin University Gospel Hospital, Samyuk Busan Hospital, and Knet Co. Ltd. Busan Bank is leading the effort and is building the blockchain platform.

Bin Dae-in, president of Busan Bank, says, “The Busan Bank will actively cooperate to make Busan become the best medical tourism specialty district in Korea. We will play a role in revitalizing the local medical tourism business.”

Medical tourism in South Korea is a big business. Roughly 380,000 people from 190 countries came to the country in 2018 for some form of medical treatment.

Images courtesy of Sasin Tipchai, tragrpx/Pixabay

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