South Korean university pays people with digital currency for using a special toilet

The Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) of South Korea had kick-started a project that would surely catch everyone’s attention. 

The university has installed a toilet inside its facility that “rewards” people who use them by providing them with digital money. 

The toilet, called “Beevi,” is connected to a laboratory that turns people’s excrement into biogas, which would serve as the university’s additional source of energy. 

How does ‘Beevi’ work?

Beevi, a combination of the words “bee” and “vision,” uses a vacuum pump to send the excrement into an underground tank. This procedure reduces water usage by a large percentage which makes it an eco-friendly toilet. 

The human waste is then broken down by a special microorganism that turns it into methane gas, which can be used to power gas stoves, water boilers, and solid oxide fuel cells. 

Cho Jae-won, professor of environmental engineering and the one who spearheaded the Beevi project, said that human waste has a big value on the environment. 

He also added that a person usually produces 500 grams of human waste a day, which, when turned into energy, could produce 50 liters of biogas which is enough to power an electric car. 

Digital rewards

But the “main attraction” of the Beevi toilet is that it rewards users with digital currency, which is one of the fastest rising trends today. This reward has a high utility since digital payments are now available almost everywhere in South Korea. 

Each toilet user receives a digital currency called “Ggool” which means “honey” in the Korean language, and 10 Ggool are allotted for each user every day. 


Image courtesy of Cointelegraph News/YouTube

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