‘Space Force’ teasers revealed reasons of Maggie’s imprisonment, series could outshine ‘The Office’

Space Force season 1 recently landed on Netflix and despite critics’ review, viewership is constantly increasing. Hence, Space Force season 2 could soon get a greenlight.

The highly anticipated comedy series, Space Force is one of Netflix Originals attempting to bring back the glory days of The Office.  The series is basically a reunion of Greg Daniels and Steve Carrell after having to work together on the famous comedy sitcom, The Office.

Space Force season 1 is currently airing with 10 episodes, starring Steve Carrell, Ben Schwartz, John Malkovich, Lisa Kudrow, Diana Silvers, and Jimmy O. Yang. The season 1 finale ended with a cliffhanger with Maggie escaping from prison, General Mcnaird being arrested and Erin Mcnaird being kidnapped. Moreover, Dr. Mallory quit, handing the duties to Dr. Chan.

Thus, season 2 will definitely explore another satiric comedy who jibes with President Trump’s new agency, Space Force, who constantly getting criticized. Moreover, it could also shed a light on why Maggie was imprisoned in the first place.

Space Force season 2 Netflix renewal

Netflix has not yet released any statement on the renewal status. Furthermore, the streaming giant usually gives a month or two to check on the viewership status. If the viewership is high, it will definitely have a chance of renewal.

Hence, Space Force season 2 renewal might during the summer. Despites the negative reviews of the critics, the series is popular with the audiences. The review from Rotten Tomatoes reveals 74% as opposed to the critics’ score of 39%.

Moreover, the initial release brought the series on top of the Netflix charts. Space Force‘s viewership continues to rise in other Netflix regions. Netflix is yet to decide on releasing the viewing stats for the Q2 investor interview.

Space Force season 2 release date

The series recently debuted in May 2020. The filming transpired between September 2019 and January 2020. Hence, if Netflix will give the green light,  Space Force season 2 will return on May 2021.

However, with the ongoing threat of the pandemic, there might be delays in the production. Almost all of the industries are temporarily suspended because of the outbreak. Hence, it is possible for the series to return at a later date.

Space Force season 2 plot

Season 2 will definitely follow where season 1 ended. General Mcnaird will try to save his daughter, Erin from the drug operators. At the same time, Maggie escaped from prison, which will bring literally chaos in the family.

The previous season did not reveal why Maggie is in jail. Hence, Space Force season 2 might shed some light. While Maggie is in jail, the series did not give some clues as to the reasons. Obviously, there was a time jump however, this was not explained in the last season.

However, while General Mcnaird visited Maggie, she revealed an important clue to the puzzle. She said that she will be in prison for 40 years which indicates that she has committed a serious crime.

Moreover, her escape will definitely pose a threat to General Mcnaird’s job in the Space Force.

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