‘Space Haven’ gets positive reviews on its first week


Space management sim Space Haven is garnering positive reviews on Steam. The space colony tycoon went into Early Access last May 21, and players are enjoying it.

Space Haven got a decent 87% positive reviews on the distribution platform. The game has a significant draw from many other games, including Rimworld and FTL.

Even then, Bugbyte’s game is among the few of its kind at the moment, with the only Spacebase Startopia coming a little close.

Rimworld-inspired game is a unique take on space management

Management sim games have become a mainstream genre over the past few years. Games like Prison Architect, Two Points Hospital, and even the upcoming Mondo Museum prove this point.

The tedium offered of these games is a fresh change from the senseless twitch shooting skills of AAA FPS titles. Even among its kind, Haven is a unique experience.

At launch, the game feels complete, which is weird for an early access game. There are many things players can do, with the only thing missing are long-term goals.

Players can repair the ship and get it online, build bigger ships, and even repel space pirates. The game also offers a tile-based oxygen balancing system reminiscent of FTL and Oxygen Not Included. Haven is excellent for players who like handling a ship, balancing parameters, and working out bridge captain duties.

The game is excellent to burn a few hours at a time. The replay value of Haven gives it a super enjoyable experience that many players of the genre would keep coming back to.

Bugbyte has more content in store for players

It’s hard to see how a three-person dev team can do all these and expect more, but it’s true. Space Haven will get a ton of content as they are only getting started.


According to Bugbyte, they have more in store for their loyal fans. The team will add a mode that will let players handle a space station. They’re also planning to add cybernetic augmentations for the crew, robots, and mechs.

The team even plans to add new hazards that can derail the mission. Space events like solar flares can keep players on their toes.

The game has a solid roadmap, even if it’s not yet in stone. The devs plan on adding ship-to-ship battles, environmental storytelling, and many more.

Fans of Space Haven are in for a treat with how Bugbytes is working on the title. The game is now available on Steam, and players can expect a fully-fleshed out space adventure in due time.

Images courtesy of Bugbyte LLC/Youtube Screenshots

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