Space junks are at higher risk of colliding

Scientists were assuming a big collision between two space junks roaming near the Earth orbit. The junks missed each other by 82 feet.

Astronomers predicted that there was a 10% chance of the collision between two space junks. There were two large pieces of space town near the Earth’s Orbit.

The first one was a dysfunctional Soviet Navigation satellite, and the second was a Chinese rocket body.

The collision was a massive threat to the human race. Space debris has become an enormous problem for the Earth’s Orbit.

One clash between discarded parts can cause a significant amount of damage to the people living on Earth.

In addition to that, this information was given by the LeoLabs. It is a Californian space tracking company.

They were analyzing the orbital debris and came up with the calculation of the Earth. According to them, the two objects would miss each other by 82 feet, but there was a 10% chance of the collision.

Space junks

Space junks are discarded parts of rockets, spacecraft, satellites, and other space technologies. Not only this, the Earth’s orbit is full of space junks. The scientist believes that space junks are becoming a significant cause of worry.

In addition to this, many astronauts have to look out for the space debris to duck a collision.

The scientist believes that there are more than 3000 fragments of space debris surrounding the planet.

However, astronomical and researchers are looking into the matter under trying to find a way to clear out the space debris. In 2018, a satellite, RemoveDEBRIS, was sent to the orbit to remove the space debris.

About that, a satellite was trying to remove the debris via two different Technologies. The first one was capture with the net and the second one was capture with a harpoon. Despite this, the satellite was not able to remove the debris successfully.

The collision

The researchers from a space tracking company, LeoLabs, kept a close eye on two big space junk pieces. According to them, the collision was to take place 616 miles above the South Atlantic Ocean.

Not only this, but the probability of the collision was more than 10%. Their research also suggested that the two junk pieces miss each other by 82 feet: the dysfunctional Russian satellite and the part of the Chinese rocket are likely to come closer to each other.

About that, there were no signs of debris over Antarctica on Friday morning. This suggests that the collision did not happen, and humankind is safe as of now. But the increasing space debris is the leading cause of worry.

In conclusion, if the collision took place, it would have been raining all over the Antarctic region. This is a massive problem for people living on Earth and in the space stations roaming on the Earth’s orbit.

Image courtesy of Dotted Yeti/Shutterstock

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