Space MMO ‘Dual Universe’ has grand promises in its official trailer


MMO space game Dual Universe released its official trailer today, and the game is aiming for a grand offering.

Dev team Novaquark promises gameplay that might change the entire genre. Dual Universe by itself is an average space opera game. It has similarities to games like Eve Online.

Even then, they’re showing off ambitious gameplay that not many AAA games can pull off. These include player-built spaceships and real-time damage.

Dual wants single-server universe and more

Dual is one of the wildest MMO games on the way for players everywhere on PC. So far, the game seems to want to do it all. Players can colonize planets, build space settlements, and even join a space war.

Gamers can also start their trade routes and decimate other players. Whatever players want to do, Dual likely will allow it, which is great.

Among space games, the only titles that give this level of freedom are Elite Dangerous and Eve Online. Both of those games don’t even offer the level of freedom that Dual promises. So far, the game trailer wants to do more than any of its contemporaries.

For starters, the devs want to put everyone on the same universe to prevent anyone from missing any of the action. Everyone will experience the same events server-wide to make things uniform. This is a hard goal, considering singular servers would need something special to have serviceable latencies.

What’s crazier are the plans that they have for the spaceship and dog fights.

Novaquark promises player-built spaceships and real-time damage

One of the biggest promises of Dual Universe is a player-built spaceship. From what the announcement implies, players can custom build many aspects of their ship. The scale is also realistic, as bigger ships would need their crews.

Players who are looking to captain their starships need to hire crews to man the battlements and even act as bridge bunnies. It is also appealing particularly when the game aims for real-time damage.

In many space operas, the usual problem is not only the need to wait for turns. There’s also the problem of attacks lacking effect damage on ships. If players shoot on the turrets, those turrets should be inoperable.

Dual wants the ships to have real-time spaceship damage, which can be detrimental to gameplay. It adds a level of immersion that players won’t find anywhere else.

Dual Universe will be available for PC. The game is very early in development, but players can buy alpha access with three different pledge tiers.

Featured image courtesy of Novaquark/Youtube Screenshots


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