Space race sim ‘Mars Horizon’ coming November 17


Space sim Mars Horizon released a new trailer today, a month away from its release. The management sim will come out on November 17.

Mars Horizon is looking to fill a gap that games like Kerbal Space Program leave out. It’s a more easy-going space race simulation with a ton of management aspects. The new trailer shows off a few things players can do.

Horizon fills a gap in space simulation games

There are a ton of space simulation titles out there. Players will never run out of them, and more are coming out. Games like No Man’s Sky come to mind, together with Elite: Dangerous.

While space games are plenty, space race simulations are far and few in-between. The most prominent among such titles is Kerbal Space Program. A sequel, Kerbal Space Program 2, is also coming next year.

Horizon is looking to fill the gap for the genre but in a different way. Kerbal Space Program is quite a hardcore space simulation. It uses complex rocket science to create as real a sim as possible.

Horizon is looking to be a more easy-going title, offering management aspects baked in. The new trailer shows players commanding a space colonization project. It will use many aspects of space exploration and how they can carry themselves to the stars.

The goal is simple, in the most relative sense of the word. Players need to manage time, resources, money, science, and public support. These will give them a chance to assemble missions to other planets like Mars.

Players can do whatever they need to win the space race

Much of Mars Horizon is a test of management skills. Where KSP is an elaborate rocketry simulation hellbent on the accuracy, Horizon is not. Its presentation is simpler and has far fewer maths to it.

Many of the scientific experiments come through several mini-games. The management aspect looks fantastic, and there’s plenty to do. Players can update their rockets, work with a space agency, or even downplay their achievements.

Players can also build satellites, hire astronauts, and do biological experiments. So far, the game looks great, and it’s visually appealing, even if it’s a bit too simple.

Players can also do some weird things in-game. They can lie to the public to whip up public support. They can blow up their rockets, and do things to get more funding.

A demo is available right now on Steam for those who want to try the game. Mars Horizon will come out on November 17 on Steam. The official website has more details about the game for those who a great space management sim.

Featured image courtesy of The Irregular Corporation/Youtube Screenshot

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