Space RPG ‘Everspace 2’ coming to Early Access soon

Everspace 2 is now coming to Early Access, after a successful Kickstarter campaign last year. The space shooter will come to Steam this December.

Everspace 2 is going to show off improved gameplay, taking on a few crucial space opera tropes. The game will have a cockpit view and loads of content for space lovers. It will be akin to Star Wars: Squadrons meets Elite Dangerous meets EVE Online.

ES2 will have more gameplay hours at Early Access

At first glance, ES2 looks like it’s a space sim, but it’s not. It’s more of a CRPG in space, celebrating much of what spacefaring games have become. In contrast to the first Everspace, ES2 has a large but finite universe that players can explore.

The game has a ton of things to offer, including hub systems that offer different gameplay. Some areas will have asteroids and mining bases for resource extraction. Others have outlaws, shipwrecks, and even forbidden zones.

ES2 is reminiscent of games like Diablo and EVE Online, where the systems are not procedurally generated. They have a purpose to them, which makes it fun to explore. Players don’t have to roll a dice every time they come back to a specific area.

The new update at launch will have more content compared to alpha. The game will have around 20 hours of gameplay on launch and will expand through periodic updates. The alpha version, for example, had about 10 hours worth of gameplay in it.


ES2 combines many elements of space opera titles

What makes Everspace 2 unique is it combines arcade space gameplay with RPG elements. While it doesn’t excel in both spectrums, it’s a great middle-ground for players.

ES2 doesn’t offer the same arcade value as something like Star Wars: Squadrons. Even then, players can enjoy flying around in space with its new cockpit view. The game is visually stunning too, which gives it some good longevity.


At the same time, ES2 is also adding trading hubs like EVE Online. It will have star systems for trading, two additional ship classes, and a new alien race. There’s a ton of gameplay at launch, and there should be more things players can do.

The game will have a variety of events that will move the story along. As the Early Access release continues, players can expect more content to come to the game. ES2 is a solid game for space opera enthusiasts who are in it for the long haul.

Everspace 2 will come out this December. The game currently has a demo available on its Steam page for those who want to try.

Images courtesy of Rockfish Games/YouTube Screenshot

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