SpaceX sells Starlink dishes at low prices for now


SpaceX and one of Musk’s projects, Starlink, have been selling Starlink terminal dishes to customers at prices lower than manufacturing cost for now. Here are the details about it and how to get one for yourself.

SpaceX- Loss in Starlink dish

SpaceX is now becoming a market leader in the private space exploration industry and several other fields. One such area is the internet provider industry. SpaceX has launched the Starlink program to dominate the market by providing high-speed internet with low latency.

SpaceX president Gwynne Shotwell said in Satellite 2021 “LEO Digital Forum” on a virtual panel on Tuesday that the company does not have any plans to introduce tiered pricing. Tiered pricing is a process where the service provider provides more amenities to higher subscriptions or payments. Shotwell said SpaceX would “try to keep it as simple as possible and transparent as possible, so right now there are no plans to tier for consumers.”

Starlink has become the company’s demanding project since it requires a lot of money to produce satellites, receivers and maintain them. Starlink plans to send satellites into space to form a constellation to provide high-speed internet to all parts of the world. It will make getting internet to inaccessible areas much more manageable.

Starlink- A project in work

Currently, Starlink is now in the beta public testing stage in countries like the USA, Canada, the UK, Germany, and New Zealand. The program got 10,000 beta testing orders within the first three months. The company now charges $499 for satellite dishes and modem and $100 for monthly internet service.

Gwynne Shotwell stated in the conference that SpaceX has been selling satellite dishes to customers at a loss. The dish initially cost $3,000 to produce, but the company reduced it. The cost came down to $1,500, and now it costs $1,300.

Shotwell reportedly said that a dish’s cost would come down to the range of a few hundred dollars in the next few years. The process is losing a lot of money to Starlink, the company driven towards the future they hope to dominate the market. Elon Musk tweeted once that Starlink is going through a deep chasm of negative cash flow over the next year.

Starlink aims to provide internet at a speed of 1 GBPS, and now it is at the speed of 103 MBPS. It is much faster than the current service providers in the US market. Now, people can get a Starlink internet connection by registering on the Starlink website. The orders are taken from people living in areas of operation. Then, the connection is provided on a “first-come, first-serve” basis.

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