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SpaceX successfully launches 57 new Starlink satellites into orbit


SpaceX recently reported the completion of its mission to launch 57 new Starlink satellites into space successfully.

Additionally, SpaceX also confirmed that the rocket that sent the Starlink satellite successfully landed back. The launch used the Falcon 9 rocket, which was launched from Pad 39A of the Kennedy Space Center. The rocket carries 57 satellites and two BlackSky Global Earth-observation satellites.

The latest endeavor marks the fifth launch of the first stage of the SpaceX Falcon 9. On top of that, the rocket successfully pulled off a clean landing in the Atlantic Ocean.

Starlink mission

The latest mission is the tenth of its kind since the project started in 2019. This is also the 12th overall mission for SpaceX to launch into space this year. The company has been heavily reliant on its selection of reusable rockets for this particular mission.

SpaceX has been quite busy this year. The company has successfully sent and retrieved two astronauts into the International Space Station this year. Perhaps the most important aspect of these launches is the fact that the company is able to reuse its rockets.

The deal with NASA essentially sealed the future of SpaceX as one of the pioneers of the modern space age. The key to the company’s success is its flagship Falcon 9 rocket. Despite some minor setbacks, the rocket has proved itself to be capable of safely sending missions into space.

Launching satellites into space

The latest SpaceX launch will send 57 internet satellites for the company’s Starlink project into space. The tech giant is planning to build a megaconstellation of satellites that help improve internet connection back on Earth. As of this writing, SpaceX has successfully launched 57 of these satellites into space.

According to SpaceX founder Elon Musk, the project needs between 400 and 800 satellites to launch its service. Considering the current tally, the tech giant still has a lot of grounds to cover.

Most recently, SpaceX asked the Federal Communications Commission to increase its satellite limit. The company claims that this is because of the overwhelming response from potential users around the country.

The SpaceX project is one of the most exciting partnerships NASA has closed in recent years. The company is constantly making iterations to improve its current technology further.

About the Starlink project, SpaceX said that it would continue to send satellites into the orbit. The tech giant has already provided a timeline of when it plans to do so. It appears that the future is bright ahead of SpaceX.

Featured image courtesy of SpaceX/Unsplash

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