‘Spellbreak’ gets over 2 million players in a week

Proletariat’s Spellbreak has been out for a week now, and fans are enjoying the game so far. The game has reached a new milestone that further cements the success of the developers.

The class-based battle royale Spellbreak is not just any other entry in the overpopulated genre. It is currently one of the top played games across the platforms it is available in, and there’s a lot more to come from the developer and their battle royale. Just recently, the game reached a critical milestone.

Over 2 million players

In a recent tweet, Proletariat reveals that the game has reached over 2 million players in just a week since the game’s full launch.

Moreover, the developers say that players have done over 7 billion damage throughout one week, which is a good fact to share. Up until now, the game is at the top of the Steam charts.

Why is it so popular?

To begin with, the game is a unique take on the battle royale genre. While others relied mostly on guns, the game relied on spells. To make it even better, players are rewarded if they are able to master the combat system as players can also blend spells.

It also helps that the game is free-to-play across the platforms it is available in. While microtransactions are available in Spellbreak, it’s only purely cosmetic. In the game, players can buy gold, which is used by new skins and other customization items.

What’s next?

Since last year, the game has been in an alpha phase, and it has just been fully launched. Many are expecting some sort of battle pass in the game, as this is the common progressions system found in battle royales. Proletariat hasn’t been vocal about their plans for the game yet, but fans are sure that there will be a battle pass in the future.

Many are also expecting some form of a competitive mode in the game. However, fans are suggesting that the game needs to be more polished before the developers think about adding a competitive mode.

Spellbreak is now out for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. The game is completely free-to-play, and as this report suggests, there are many players to enjoy the game with. Even those that aren’t fans of the battle royale genre should try out this exciting new title.

Image used courtesy of Spellbreak/Twitter

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