‘Spellbreak’ now lets you play duos plus a future game mode and more

'Spellbreak' now lets you play duos plus a future game mode and more

Spellbreak has been getting the much-deserved attention in the battle royale scene as players are getting a new game mode and more.

Proletariat Inc. has unveiled a couple of updates for their emerging battle royale in their live stream this week.

After recently launching its Solo game mode to the public, Spellbreak has launched its Duos mode where you can team up with your gaming partner and assert dominance in this magic battle royale.

More sophisticated outfits coming your way

Aside from the upcoming map rework and new game mode, Spellbreak also teased the fans with new outfits for their mages. They featured a couple such as the Exquisite Aerialist, Time Folder, Candy-Coated Conjurer, Fashion Witch, and the Dearly Departed.

What’s different with these previewed outfits is that they did not just re-colored the base character but added more flares in each costume.

A clash mode for more intense team fights and map reworks

Proletariat also teased a 9v9 clash mode where players can wreak havoc on the battlefield. From the first impressions of the video, it looks like the game mode would focus on scoring the most team exiles similar to a team deathmatch.

Players should also look forward to new changes on the Hollow Lands as the team is pushing updates further in their development pipeline. Perhaps they will include some hints of PvE similar to what Fortnite has done.

The developers during the panel live stream were also open in playing around with Hollow Lands. Examples would be adding random weather events that could affect the players’ movement. Or maybe add some elemental buffs whenever a player is in a specific portion in the map.

With Spellbreak having almost 10,000 viewers a day and over 2 million players, it looks like the game, as well as the player base, have plenty of room to grow.

Featured image courtesy of Spellbreak

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