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‘Spellbreak’ tips and guides: All classes explained


Proletariat’s Spellbreak is now out, and this new battle royale puts players in the shoes of battlemages. One of the biggest features in the game are the classes, of which there are six.

When playing Spellbreak, players will get to choose from one of six classes before they begin. This is one of the features that sets the game apart from other battle royales. As they progress through a match, they can add another class to their arsenal. Here’s a look at the six classes in the game.


The Frostborn class is about the ice element. This class excels greatly in long-range combat. The starting ability of the class is also one of the most useful. When using Frozen Alacrity, players can get a bonus on their movement speed when walking on the ice trail. This makes it an excellent tool for running away or for honing in on enemies.


The Conduit class represents the lightning element. This class is all about light but rapid strikes on opponents. Out of all the classes, the Conduit has the best combo capability, mainly because of the speed of skills. One downside to it is that players can easily deplete their mana if they aren’t careful.


The Pyromancer class represents fire. If players want to control certain areas and crowds in Spellbreak, this is the class to pick. Most of the abilities of the Pyromancer deal damage in an area. The class also excels during the latter parts of the match when space is much smaller.


The Toxicologist class represents poison. Players of this class will excel in dealing with gradual damage over time, as well as stealth. The abilities of the class allow players to get the upper hand on enemies by catching them off-guard. Players can also release clouds that can disorient enemies.


The Stoneshaper class represents the earth element. As expected, these guys are better upfront, and they are sturdier than other classes. The best ability of the class is Stoneskin, which grants additional armor to players when activated.


The Tempest class represents the wind element. As running away and chasing enemies is a huge part of being a battle royale, the mobility given by the Tempest class will be important. This class is all about moving quickly and traversing areas that other classes will find it difficult to get to.

Spellbreak is an exciting new battle royale that players should try out. It’s currently available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch.

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