‘Spellbreak’ tips and tricks: Best class combos that every battlemage should consider

Spellbreak is all about a player’s mastery of the battle royale’s intense combat system. In this game, being a one-trick pony is never enough, as some situations require players to adapt quickly.

Players start Spellbreak by wearing one of the six gauntlets that represent the classes. Eventually, players can equip another gauntlet that they can find on the map. This means wielding two classes is possible, and this allows players to create some amazing combos. Here are the classes that work well together.


The Toxicologist is a master of stealth while the Conduit is capable of dealing with substantial damage in a single area. These two classes combined allow players to sneak towards looting enemies to dish out some massive damage.

Players can also hit poison puddles with lightning to make the area of effect much larger. Moreover, if a poison cloud is hit with lightning, it will turn into a devastating poison storm that can even freeze enemies.


These two elements may seem like they’ll cancel each other out, and they do. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t advantages to it. Using fire on the trail of ice made with the Frostborn’s basic attack will allow the trail to turn into steam.

This is a great trap to set in Spellbreak as the steam will not only distort the vision of enemies; it can also damage them.


The skills of the Frostborn and Tempest don’t exactly go hand-in-hand. However, if players want to create a truly agile battlemage, they should combo these two classes up. The Frostborn’s ability to speed up on ice trails and the Tempest’s jump boost tornadoes make battlemages harder to catch. It will also make them harder to hit.


This is one of the best combos, but it’s also the one that requires a lot of skill. Players should throw a boulder and hit it with a ball of fire while it’s still mid-air. If successful, players can turn the boulder into a comet-like projectile that will deal massive damage to enemies along the way.

Spellbreak is all about understanding the synergies between the elements. These combos above will have players become more efficient battlemages. The game is now out for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. It’s a free title with cross-play and cross-progression, so players should try it out.

Image used courtesy of Spellbreak/YouTube

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