‘Spellbreak’ tips: How to become the best Breaker

Spellbreak is now out for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch. The new battle royale introduces a ton of new mechanics that might confuse even the most seasoned battle royale veteran.

Spellbreak is a class-based battle royale by Ploretariat. The game has a ton of new mechanics that set it apart from other battle royales, but there’s so much more to discover about it. For those having a tough time winning games or even lasting in them, here’s a short guide to becoming a better battlemage, or as the game would put it – Breaker.

Master a class

There are six classes in the game; Frostborn, Pyromancer, Toxicologist, Stoneshaper, Tempest, and Conduit. Each of these classes has its strengths and weaknesses, and players should familiarize themselves with the style they are comfortable with.

In a match, players can wield up to two gauntlets, meaning they can wield two classes at once. They can use this opportunity to create combos and synergy. It’s vital to master a class before trying out another. Players will find it easier to beat others if they excel at a certain class. Moreover, mastering a class rewards players with cosmetics as well.

Don’t forget potions

The magic and abilities are at the forefront of Spellbreak. Players shouldn’t forget that there are various items scattered throughout the map as well, and these are very useful. The most important of all the items are the potions, which help players regenerate their health and mana.

Since this is a magic-based game, players should bring a lot of mana potions. They’ll find themselves running out of mana more often than not, so it’s best to come prepared.

Consider mobility

Having high mobility is a must in the game. As the map grows smaller, players will have to move constantly to avoid getting eliminated. That being said, players should consider using the Tempest class as their secondary ability.

This class makes players very agile and mobile in-game. This makes it possible to get in and out of battles much easier as well.

Spellbreak is an exciting new battle royale, and fans are already mastering the game’s mechanics. There’s a lot of depth in this game, so players should do their best to try and master the combat as soon as possible. With our tips above, players will find it a lot easier to win matches in this battle royale.

Image used courtesy of Spellbreak/YouTube

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