‘Spelunky 2’ coming to PS4 next month, to PC ‘shortly after’

'Spelunky 2' coming to PS4 next month, to PC 'shortly after'

Roguelike platformer Spelunky 2 is coming to PS4 in September. Dev Derek Yu noted in this week’s Sony State of Play that the game would also come to PC “shortly after.”

Spelunky 2 stayed silent since its announcement in 2017. Yu, being a solo dev, said earlier this year that the release date is coming “closer and closer.” In the recent state of play, Yu delivered as he confirms a September 15 release for the game.

Spelunky to add new characters and better shopping experience

Spelunky is one of the best roguelike games of recent times. The title offers a ton of platforming and, with enough skill, anyone can finish it even without items. Yu is coming back with an improved sequel of his already awesome game.

“I designed the world of Spelunky 2 to feel much more rich and dynamic than Spelunky 1,” Yu said during the stream. “It’s going to feel a lot more full. Players will be able to explore and interact with it in lots of new ways.”

The expansion is adding a ton of new things, including new characters. These characters can help players progress or break their run even further. What makes the upcoming Spelunky sequel great too is the online multiplayer support.

The shop experience will get a good overhaul, adding more nuance to it. The trailer shows that it will be a better space for spending. There will also be a dice roll available that can reward or punish players.

Dev promises PC version coming after polishing

Spelunky 2 focuses on the inclusion of new characters in the game. According to Yu, players will be “building an in-game family and community.” This detail hints that players will discover more characters in-game that can give nuanced play.


Each character will take a specific space on the in-game hub, likely adding new benefits. Yu referencing to it as “family” means player relationship to them will be beyond transactional. It will likely be an interactive experience, adding benefits to the run.

Derek Yu confirmed the PC version would come later through his Twitter account. He doesn’t have a date locked down, notably due to ironing out some kinks. The online multiplayer seems to need some more work but will come out not long after.

“The Steam version of Spelunky 2 will come out shortly after PS4,” says the tweet. “We’ll need a little extra time to iron out online multiplayer on PC. Release date for that soon! After Steam, we’ll look into other platforms. We are excited for as many people to play as possible. :)”

Spelunky 2 will be a great game that will give hundreds of hours of fun. If the game needs a little more time to be perfect, then that’s the best case scenario for the fans.

Images courtesy of PlayStation/Youtube Screenshot

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