‘Spelunky 2’ offsets release setback with a “co-op-less” launch

Spelunky 2 trailer snapshot

If not for a call not to delay the game’s release despite a major fault found in its netcode, players would still be waiting for a long while to enjoy Spelunky 2 at its fullest.

PlayStation 4 owners have been enjoying the game for more than a week now, after seeing a Sept. 15 release. But PC users will have to wait until the end of the month to enjoy it as well.

Not flawless at launch

However, the game is not fully ironed out, given the kinks that arise for those who experienced the game. Like many games fresh from launch, bugs are to be expected and is something that hardly surprises when they occur. While it can be an issue with QA prior to release, it is nonetheless a case that’s easily addressed through subsequent patches.

But for others, the main issue with Spelunky 2, at its current state, is not its technical shortcomings. It’s more so the apparent cut out of a feature that is quite literally where the game would draw strength from—the co-op mode.

Temporarily a single-player experience only

Although the game is technically playable through and through as a single-player campaign, it lacks the functionality for cooperative or competitive play. Technically speaking, the game is incomplete at launch, at least at the basic level. The reason being is that it was deliberately not yet included in the game.

The issue particularly points to the unsatisfactory level of service of netcode. Which, to those who are aware of the concept, would be synonymous with issues in latency when playing online. In other words, with a poorly placed netcode, players could experience a lag between key inputs and subsequent results. For a game that is heavily dependent on precise controls, the idea of a laggy experience would be a nightmare.

Better sooner than later

However, fixing an issue with the netcode is not as simple as overriding a patch to the game. It’s quite an intensive process that could see the developers tinkering also on the hardware aspect of things. All in all, it is a procedure that could cause the game an indeterminate delay if it was included in the package at launch.

Thus, to prevent the game from getting an unwanted push to the release date, the devs have chosen to release the game in unfinished form. However, this should not be an issue as the said feature is still slated to come to the game. This is also considering especially the fact that it would play a pivotal role in connecting the game’s player base across different platforms.

The sequel to the original Spelunky is a game anticipated by fans of the rogue-like and dungeon-crawling genre. With gameplay that perfectly blends procedurally-generated dungeons and fast-paced action, Spelunky 2 is well-received.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube Screenshot

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