‘Spider-Man 3’ could introduce The Defenders but not the Netflix characters


Spider-Man 3 could pave the way for The Defenders to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). However, the team won’t likely be the same characters as the Netflix series.

Amid the start of production for Spider-Man 3, Marvel Studios is also set to reacquire its film and TV rights to the Netflix properties in a matter of weeks. Specifically, The Defenders team — Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and the Iron Fist — will finally be back in the Marvel fodder after the studio ended its deal with Netflix two years ago.

This means that Marvel may now use the characters and their stories in future productions. A fan theory suggested that Spider-Man 3 could be the first Marvel film to bring back the team.

According to Screen Rant, this idea logically fits as the Spider-Man in the comic books didn’t join the Avengers but worked alongside The Defenders. It’s now highly possible for the group to come together and help out the webbed superhero defeat villains in its rumored multi-universe storyline.

Not the same as the Netflix characters

Screen Rant also pointed out that The Defenders in the comics are different from the Netflix shows. The streamer actually boxed the team to fight villains only in New York. The comic versions, on the other hand, were up against “extra-terrestrial or interdimensional” forces more commonly seen in the MCU.

Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) is an original member of The Defenders in the comic books, and the character will also be in Spider-Man 3. This increases the chances of Spidey teaming up with the superhero group, which might not be the very same Netflix iterations.

Daredevil set for a comeback

The speculation comes amid reports that Charlie Cox has agreed to board Spider-Man 3 as his Daredevil character from Netflix. It is believed that he will be part of one of the timelines in the planned multiverse.

It’s inevitable for Daredevil to become part of this franchise as well, according to Murphy’s Multiverse. Marvel boss Kevin Feige has been itching to use Daredevil for a while now and has kept mentioning this in his interviews. But Feige hasn’t mentioned much about the rest of The Defenders. So far, Cox’s Daredevil is only one “saved” from the former Netflix deal.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man 3 is set for a December 2021 premiere if theaters are ready to open to large crowds by then. Sony Pictures is also reportedly ready to feature its very first teaser in the coming days as filming is halfway done.


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