‘Spider-Man 3’ first look out in December as Sony confirms filming

Spider-Man 3 Tom Holland

Spider-Man 3 is reportedly ready to deliver its first look in December after filming started this month in New York, according to a representative from Sony Pictures.

Sony’s executive marketing director, Camila Pacheco, apparently said that Spider-Man 3 will have a teaser or trailer ready for the holidays. Pacheco was at Brazil’s ExpoCine 2020 virtual event.

Sources said that Pacheco wore a Spider-Man shirt for the virtual affair. The executive also confirmed that the studio will stick to the film’s December 2021 release date. Meanwhile, movies like Morbius and Venom: Let There Be Carnagewill also retain its March 2021 and June 2021 release dates.

Sony addresses the rumors

Prior to Pacheco’s statements, Sony Pictures also addressed the rumors that former Spider-Man actors Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield are in talks to join the upcoming movie. A representative from the studio told Entertainment Tonight Canada that the casting rumors are “not confirmed.”

Reports previously stated that Maguire and Garfield have been approached to join Tom Holland to open and establish the premise of the Spider-Verse. This will apparently tie with the fourth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), which will be introducing more of these multiverses.

In 2019, the animated version of the Spider-Verse has been such a hit with the fans and critics. Sony and Marvel now want to do a live-action version in the upcoming third installment.

Casting, plot and other details

Meanwhile, confirmed to join Spider-Man 3 is Benedict Cumberbatch, who will reprise his MCU role as the sorcerer Doctor Strange, who knows how to open different worlds. According to reports, Cumberbatch’s addition suggests that the multiverses rumors are not quite off the mark. It looks like the upcoming movie will find Stephen Strange training Peter Parker on how to navigate multiple universes.

Cumberbatch will reportedly shoot with Holland first before working on the sequel to Doctor Strange in London in early 2021. Incidentally, Doctor Strange 2 will solidify the premise of multiverses as hinted in its title: Multiverse of Madness.

Also joining the third movie of this MCU-inspired project is Jamie Foxx. The actor announced his casting as Electro in a now-deleted Instagram post. Incidentally, Foxx played the very same character in an earlier trilogy with Garfield as the webbed superhero. The actor said, however, he’s not going to be in a blue costume in this new film.

Spider-Man 3 will be directed by Jon Watts from a screenplay written by Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers. The film also stars Zendaya, Jacob Batalon and Marisa Tomei.


Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America/CC BY-SA 2.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0> / via Wikimedia Commons

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