‘Spider-Man Miles Morales’: Everything we know so far

Sony’s The Future of Gaming conference was filled with many surprises, but perhaps the most unexpected of all was Spider-Man Miles Morales. This follow-up to the successful Spider-Man on PlayStation 4 is arguably the next generation’s most anticipated title so far.

Spider-Man Miles Morales was revealed with an amazing cinematic trailer. We’ve yet to know exactly how the game will play out, and fans are left with many unanswered questions for now. Here’s everything we know about the game.

Release date

Sony is yet to confirm when is the exact launch date of the game, but it did say that it will launch sometime during the last three months of the year. It will most likely launch as one of the launch titles for the PlayStation 5.

Standalone game or DLC?

There was a lot of confusion about the game when it was first revealed. At first, it was said to be a DLC for the current Spider-Manhinting that the game will launch on the PlayStation 5 as well. However, Sony has gone off the record to confirm that the game is a standalone title.

However, the game itself won’t be as big as the first game. It will be much smaller in scale. Fans can expect the game to be as large as Uncharted Lost Legacy, which was a small standalone title.

That being said, the game isn’t exactly a sequel to the original Spider-Man. While it does move the story of Miles Morales forward, the game won’t act as a continuation of Peter Parker in Spider-Man.

What to expect?

Spider-Man Miles Morales puts players in the shoes of Peter Parker’s predecessor. By the end of the first game, Miles begins to understand the responsibilities of being a hero.

Based on the trailer, Miles won’t be a regular Spider-Man. He could have powers related to electricity. As stealth and hacking were one of his biggest assets in the first game, these may also be implemented in the upcoming game as well.

As for the map, players shouldn’t expect something as grand as New York from Spider-Man. Since this will be a smaller title, there could be a smaller map to explore as well.

Spider-Man Miles Morales has a lot to live up to considering the success of its predecessor. If there’s a big takeaway from Insomniac Games and their Spider-Man games, it’s that they’re sure always to deliver an amazing experience.


Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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