‘Spider-Man: Miles Morales’ file size unveiled—It’s massive

Spider-Man: Miles Morales gameplay demo snapshot

With a prequel that sees both massive success and exclusivity on the PlayStation 4, Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a title that sees massive anticipation. As the game will see major improvements over the previous title, many have wondered at what cost will the game’s next-generation presentation be. From a recent revelation, we now know how the game will measure, in terms of file size—and it’s massive.

The advent of both the PS4 and Xbox One have been catalysts to large-sized games. Triple-A titles, obviously, taking the fill due to their amazing graphical presentation and big contents. As a general rule of the thumb, the bigger the game is in terms of scope and the better looking it is than its counterparts, the larger the file size it takes.

We have seen such notion to be true in games like Final Fantasy XV and Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. Titles, which inclusive of all contents, that are weighing no less than 100 Gigabytes of memory space. Big enough to take a chunk of PlayStation 4’s 500 Gb available space, especially before the introduction of external HDD support.

Massive Title, Massive File Size

The standard and Digital Edition of PS5 will both inhabit an 825Gb SSD for storing games. However, this will fill up rather quickly if games the likes of Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Launch Edition were to fill it. A game weighing in at 105 Gb of memory space or an eight of the console’s overall available memory.

However, it is worth the notion that the aforementioned version will come inclusive of Marvel’s Spider-Man. A game whose entirety is already sizing to be almost half of the total in PS4 alone. If this translates perfectly true to the PS5, we can infer that Miles Morales would be around 50 Gb big by itself.

For Updates and DLCs

But, then again, that only speaks of the game soon after release. Another factor worth considering is the game’s future updates and potential DLCs. These elements, too, can take another bite at the SSD’s vacant space, which can vary significantly over time.

As console games, nowadays, are hardly perfect at launch that mitigates the need for an update, chances is good that Miles Morales will not be an exception. For a game seemingly as massive as it is, it’s bound to encounter issues that would require fixing in a form of a patch. The extent of which would also depend on the number of issues that pop up along the way, in addition to improvements.

Image used courtesy of Marvel Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

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