‘Spider-Man: Miles Morales’ glitch lets you play as anything, including a dumpster

Spider-Man: Miles Morales glitch snapshot

A weird glitch found in Spider-Man: Miles Morales has recently been circulating the internet, which sees players being able to play as anything through circumstantial asset swap.

The bug is graphical by nature, which involves players accidentally taking the image of whichever object Morales is hitting in-game. Gamers who experimented with the surprising discovery have found out it works with literally many of the game’s assets.

The Many Forms of a Glitchy Miles Morales

One player has managed to turn Miles into a moving brick, earning the moniker of “Spider-Brick.” Another sees the same protagonist shift into a trash can or a dumpster. But one glitch that plausibly makes the most awe is the one that turns the web-slinging protagonist invisible.

There are literally many ways that players could exploit the flaw through the use of the game’s object models. However, not every attempt at the bug seems to work without issues. In some instances, the game would simply just crash.

However, the real fear with the technical problem would be in its potential to alter the game for the worst, especially to those who have already spent many hours into the game’s rather short story campaign. Fortunately, though, someone is yet to step up to the claim over the issue of it being detrimental to the player’s progress.

A Simple Solution

Whether the glitch is deliberately-induced or not, there appears to be a simple fix with the bug should it appear, which is as simple as restarting the game, reverting how Morales should appear to be.

The developers have yet to officially recognize the issue and make an appropriate fix via a future update. But, so far, there is not a word to it, yet. Considering how proliferated the issue is at this point, the technical problem should already be up to the developers’ attention.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales in Hindsight

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is the second title in the franchise by Insomniac Studios, following the major success of the original. As a spin-off to the franchise, it sees the game revolving around the titular “Miles Morales,” overtaking the role of original Peter Parker.

Of Puerto Rican through maternal descent, Miles Morales replaces Parker following his death in the later versions of the franchise’s comics. Miles Morales, as a Spider-Man, has also had previous appearances in other media, such as the 2018 movie, Into the Spider-Verse.

Image used courtesy of Joyvan Rivera/YouTube Screenshot

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