‘Spider Man: Miles Morales’ patch can be played at 60 fps with ray tracing

Spider-Man: Miles Morales game brings an exciting feature that helps the players to enjoy the game and the visuals.

The newly added Spider-Man: Miles Morales update allows all the PlayStation 5 owners to push the graphics a notch higher.

Released overnight, the game introduced the third graphic setting called the “Performance RT.”

A ray-traced graphic is added to the previous Performance mode. With the help of the “Performance RTmode, this allows the player to play with 60 frames per second action even with ray tracing included.

The new update is a bang for players

The new update is undoubtedly a bang for Spider-Man players. Until now, all the PS5 players had to choose between, first the Fidelity Mode, which ran in the native 4K setting. The resolution here was 30 fps, including ray tracing.

And the second is the Performance Mode, which drops the resolution and the fidelity of the game. It eliminates ray tracing to deliver 60 frames per second.

So, the new Performance RT mode is undoubtedly a perfect way to play the new Spider-Man game. It entails some further compromises to the graphics. It adjusts the ray-tracing by adjusting the screen resolution.

Watch this YouTube video to know how the new update will work.

Ray tracing has been used in video games because it realistically renders the reflection of light. It helps the light sources to look dramatically different when they are filtered through a glass window.

Ray Tracing is a fantastic addition to every video game, but since it is a demanding effect, many games are yet to explore its full glory.

Even simple games, i.e., Minecraft, need an advanced graphics card to use ray tracing.

Ray tracing is included in PS5 and Xbox

Now all the PS5 and Xbox Series S can deliver ray tracing to their players. The new players can surely use this unique and advanced technology to fly around the skyscrapers of New York with Miles Morales.

The new addition to the game of 60 fps web-slinging is undoubtedly an unknown reason for players to get excited.

Image courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube Screenshot

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