‘Spider-Man: Miles Morales’ to get a massive 9.2Gb, day one patch

Spider-Man: Miles Morales trailer snapshot

Insomniac Games’ latest big project, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, has officially gone gold earlier this month.

While the game is also set up for mass production in time for its announced release, it seems that the developers remain hands-on in developing the game. An endeavor that people will soon see in the form of a massive, day one patch.

Do not take the word “massive” in that context lightly, however. As the update itself is truly perceived to be massive, enough of a size to develop its own game—a whopping 9.2Gb in file size.

Tracked and identified

The information was spotted at a popular “patch tracker site,” Orbispatcher, which claims the specific number for the update’s file size.

It is worth noting that the source does not provide any changelog to any change that a specific update does. For now, we can only safely assume that the initial patch would be addressing a lot of concern with the game upon release.

A good chunk of the update could also possibly boil down to graphic enhancements. Improvements that the launch version would desperately need for a satisfactory visual display.

Considering that next-gen consoles now target massive display resolutions like 4K, the files that affect the graphics are expectedly big. This is not even including the different files for lower resolution displays. Themselves uniquely occupying some space within and outside the update once installed.

Or if the creatives at Insomniac Games are feeling more productive, the update could also include preliminary data in anticipation of the game’s future contents. However, this is mostly speculation than anything, although not really a stray from reality.

Substantial size

9.2Gb in file size is truly a massive amount to be taken lightly as an update. Depending on the technology at play with the PlayStation 5, there’s a possibility that it could potentially be a compressed version of a bigger package.

Regardless, a nearly 10Gb file size is chunky enough to take a significant amount of space on PlayStation 5’s storage drive.

To anyone who is keen on seeing the information for themselves, Orbispatcher makes for a very accessible platform to go to. From there, simply use the search engine and type in “Miles Morales” to find the page directly. Spider-Man: Miles Morales should have this code assigned to it: CUSA17722.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales will see release on the PlayStation 5 on Nov. 12, 2020.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube Screenshot

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