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‘Spider-Man’ PS4 could be other PS Plus June free title


Breaking from tradition, Sony has announced and released one of next month’s free titles for PS Plus users early. The next title is yet to be revealed, but a leak suggests that the next PS Plus June game is a superhero classic.

Starting tomorrow, Call of Duty: World War II will launch was one of the free titles for PS Plus June. Usually, the free games are announced by the end of the month, with the release being on the second day. Fans are excited to see the next game, but it seems like the wait won’t be for too long.

‘Spider-Man’ PS4 leaks as possible PS Plus free game

A few eagle-eyed fans have spotted a particularly interesting discovery on the PlayStation Store in the UK. Upon trying to check out Spider-Man and its Game of the Year Edition, a gold plus icon appears beside the title of the game. This simply means that the game is a free game for PS Plus subscribers, but it isn’t free yet.

However, what this could mean is that there’s an error on Sony’s side of things and that the game leaked particularly early as one of the free games for next month. If this is indeed the case, the players should be excited as the title is considered as one of the best superhero titles currently.

If Sony doesn’t release the game early as a PS Plus June free game, then it’s most likely going to go live on June 2, which is the typical start date for PS Plus free games offerings.

What is ‘Spider-Man’ PS4?

Sony’s free games offering for the month of May didn’t sit well with fans. With Call of Duty: World War 2′ and possibly Spider-Man, the offerings are significantly better.

Spider-Man is Insomniac Games’ masterpiece that has garnered countless praises and awards. It’s a great retelling of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, and its story is something to be encaptivated by as well. Aside from having great combat mechanics, Spider-Man also features one of the best web-slinging mechanics for any Spider-Man game.

There are rumors that a sequel is already on the way, so players should grab this if they haven’t played it yet.

PS Plus June is shaping up to be a great lineup of memorable titles. For now, players are pleased with the lineup, which more than makes up for the disappointing May free games.

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