‘Spider-Man Remastered’ won’t have a physical copy for PS5

'Spider-Man Remastered' won't have a physical copy for PS5

Dev team Insomniac Games clarified rumors of a physical release for Spider-Man Remastered. According to them, the next-gen upgrade won’t have a physical copy.

In a series of answers to player questions, they detailed that Spider-Man Remastered will publish alongside Miles Morales. Likely to prevent stealing thunder from the latter, the remaster will be all-digital. The remaster will also not take any PS4 saves.

Insomniac clarifies details for upcoming Spider-Man titles

Spider-Man for the PS4 has become a premier first-party title for Sony. The PS5 version of the same Spider-Man is only available through the Spider-Man Miles Morales Ultimate bundle. The entire bundle is a big homage for fans who missed the first game.

The Ultimate Edition bundle will include both Spider-Man titles and all of their DLCs. Players are also asking if they can get a free upgrade if they bought the PS4 version and Miles Morales standard edition. Insomniac says they still need to consider it.

“We’ll provide more info on that as soon as we can, but we have thought about that scenario,” they said in a tweet.

However, what devs are sure is that they won’t offer a physical copy for the remaster. The entire idea is to let players enjoy the original Spider-Man with visual enhancements. Ray tracing and next-gen graphics will give superb eye-candy.

The studio’s community director James Stevenson addressed the potential situation. Those who purchase the PS4 version of Miles Morales can play the PS5 version.

“I don’t have anything to share on that right now, but we are aware of that circumstance for PS4 buyers who upgrade to PS5 so stay tuned,” he noted in an interview.

Sony has weird problems towards next-gen transition

Many different situations are arising from the next-gen games upgrade. The interoperability of the discs creates a unique position for studios. These problems come from value perspectives and supposed PS5 launch titles playable on PS4.

Those who are not yet ready to upgrade to the next-gen can enjoy the PS4 versions. Even then, those who have PS4 copies and buying the PS5 want some extra value. Considering Spider-Man is only two years old, this request is valid.

Spider-Man Remastered should be available to fans as a standalone title. If players bought it on the PS4, it’s smart to offer the remaster on a discount. It’s even better if Sony could offer a free upgrade, but that’s likely pushing it.

The PS5 recently got its price tag at US$499, with a US$399 tag for the all-digital edition. For fans who want more details for Spider-Man Remastered, they need to give it a little more wait time.

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