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‘Splinter Cell’ Sam Fisher reworked as Specialist Zero for ‘Rainbow Six Siege’


Another Sam Fisher update that has nothing to with a new Splinter Cell title makes headlines recently, as he jumps over to Rainbow Six Siege as Specialist Zero.

Ubisoft will release “anything but a Splinter Cell game,” as fans would often say. Its maker keeps the Sam Fisher character alive, without a new title of its origin, by bringing him to Rainbow Six Siege.

The gaming giant still has plans for Sam Fisher, but it doesn’t include a new Splinter Cell game—or none that we know of, as of the moment. Fisher is about to start in a new mobile game titled Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad.

His story and that of the Splinter Cell storyline will have both a live-action TV series adaptation and an anime series adaptation bagged by Netflix.

Reworked as Specialist Zero

The addition of Sam Fisher into the Rainbow Six Siege gameplay was announced recently with a very dramatic short teaser as well. The well-noted night vision goggles were missing, but the three-dotted green light was an obvious tip-off of Fisher’s resurgence.

His dramatic reveal came with a voice-over from Fisher himself saying, “You should know better than to write me off. Consider this a teaching moment.”

His arrival will come in the Operation Shadow Legacy update. He will be introduced as Specialist Sam “Zero” Fisher or Specialist Zero.

Based on the official reveal, it appears that players will uncover the mystery that’s been wrapped around Fisher’s identity. Based on how Fisher aged in the teaser, he is made to come out of “off active duty.”

An excerpt from the announcement—which was done as a form of a letter from Lera “Finka” Melnikova to Harry—reads:

“He seems to have kept in good shape despite being off active duty, though he also seemed a little more frazzled than usual when he arrived. I wonder what has Zero using Rainbow as his home base, he wouldn’t be here without his own motivations and we should take advantage of his experience. His military expertise will be a good balance to your psychological insight. As he’s coming in as the first member of the Rainbow Operational Staff (ROS), I’m curious and cautious of the changes he’ll bring to our organization. I’m sure his instruction will be a necessary, and painful, experience. I imagine there’s something he’s not telling me regarding his sudden appearance, but that’s not surprising. Zero operates on a need to know basis, I’m sure he’ll tell me when he thinks I need to know.”

Further details coming this weekend

Aside from revealing Sam Fisher as the next operator for Rainbow Six Siege, nothing about his abilities as an RSS operator was ever mentioned. Although, the key art does give off a hint and it looks like Ubisoft will be making use of his iconic three-dotted green light.

But without the night vision goggles though, seeing as the three dots are coming directly from Fisher’s forehead. Based on the key art, it appears that this ability is strong enough to pierce through floors.

More details about Fisher’s arrival and about the Shadow Legacy are to be revealed this Sunday, August 16, at 11 a.m. PT on the Rainbow Six Siege Twitch channel.

Featured image courtesy of Rainbow Six Siege/Ubisoft

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