Spotify has revealed to be working with Apple watch

Spotify is now working with Apple watch. They have been working to make it possible to stream audio without an iPhone.

Apple has been working on the possibility to stream music and podcasts without an iPhone. As a result, Spotify is now working on the Apple watch.

Stream Spotify music on Apple Watch

The Apple Watch app of Spotify is now getting the option to stream music or podcasts. It no longer requires to connect to an iPhone to do so.

Users will now be able to listen to their music and podcasts playlists over WiFi or a mobile data connection.

Nevertheless, this feature appears to be a part of the beta testing before a larger circulation. Hence, it may not be available for all of us right now, right away.

According to a report from Engadget, there have been several reports that suggest that there are several users who claim that they could stream music through the Watch app directly.

The feature was later confirmed as “working” by Engadget themselves. This means that users will no longer need to have an iPhone nearby to listen to music or podcasts.

Further, Spotify tells Engadget, “We are focusing on improving experiences that can enable us to listen to Spotify whenever and wherever we want. That, too, regardless of the platform or the device.”

Spotify also says that they are now extending the circulation of streaming abilities for Spotify on the Apple Watch. All of this is happening after an introductory “testing period.”

However, offline listening is still not an option on the Watch app. It’s been two years since Spotify released it.

Nonetheless, consumers might be able to leave their phones at home and stream their Spotify playlists with an LTE-enabled Apple Watch the next time they are out for a walk or a run.

Spotify’s corner

The Swedish-based music or audio streaming and media support provider announced its third-quarter earnings at the end of the last month.

According to the report from Spotify Newsroom, they gained about 29% of their monthly active users and about 27% of their subscribers.

While they currently have around 320 million monthly active users, they also have around 140 million subscribers.

Apple’s corner

On the other hand, Apple reported its fourth-quarter results in its Newsroom. According to the report, the company posted a record September quarter income of $64.7 billion.

Moreover, the quarterly profits per diluted share were $0.73. The company’s report also suggested that its International sales accounted for 59% of its quarter’s earnings.

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