Spotify launches video podcasts worldwide

Spotify has officially launched creator-made video podcasts globally, available for both free and premium user accounts.

To start watching a Spotify video podcast, you’ll need to press play on the app on either desktop or mobile, and the videos will start automatically and sync immediately with its audio.

The audio will continue to play in the background with no interruption if you’re multitasking between apps. Even when you lock your device during playback, the sound will continue to play.

Spotify video podcasts worldwide launch

Spotify launches video podcasts worldwide

Spotify has announced the global launch of video podcasts. The new feature will allow users, including both free accounts and paid subscribers, to watch video content from a select group of creator podcasts.

This new launch is not like on YouTube, where only paid subscribers can listen to YouTube video content in the background while they are multitasking with other apps. Spotify says its users will be able to move between the video version and the audio seamlessly and even when they are doing other stuff.

When multitasking, the audio content will continue to play in the background as you use other apps or even if you lock your devicedesktop or smartphone.

As reported by TechCrunch, Spotify video podcasts are supported on both the desktop and mobile apps. However, the video content will serve as an additional component only and not a replacement for the audio. That means you’ll still be able to stream the audio or download the podcast for offline listening.

The new feature is for selected creators only

Spotify has inked significant deals with podcasters where video components are essential and could help push the platform to the top for podcast dominance. The race for podcast listeners is fierce, and YouTube lies just ahead of Spotify, but these video updates could allow it to chip away at YouTube’s ranks.

For creators, the launch of video podcasts serves as an opportunity to grow their audience. Of course, who wants just to listen if you have the option to watch the podcaster while talking?

Often, podcasts already have a video option, but until now, Spotify has offered no way for producers to share it on its platform. That meant creators would distribute their audio podcasts on Spotify and other podcast distribution platforms and apps but would publish their videos on YouTube.

The company’s move into video was almost inevitable. However, as of now, their podcast creators are the only ones who can upload their video content. In the future, Spotify will continue to expand the feature.

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