Spotify leaks reveal three amazing new features

Spotify has a karaoke mode in the works, which will allow users to sing over instrumental versions of songs with synchronized lyrics. Users may also experience a new interface for the Car Mode on Spotify.

Spotify, the current number one audio streaming application, is giving away its users a more incredible experience when it comes to music.

The company looks set to introduce a raft of new features, including a karaoke mode, according to leaked screenshots.

Spotify Three New Amazing Features

A screenshot of the rumored feature has been leaked on Twitter. It was first spotted by Jane Wong and reported by Trusted Reviews.

Wong is known for digging inside app software in the search for new features being tested. The screenshot shows large lyrics on the screen and an option for more or fewer vocals from the artist.

As seen on the screenshot, there is a playing song, and the lyrics are colored. However, some Twitter users were skeptical of the legitimacy of the feature.

Karaoke Mode

The first new fantastic feature and the most favorable one is the karaoke mode. Spotify already displays lyrics on the Now Playing screen for selected songs. However, it appears the company is still on the process of developing and turning that into a full-blown karaoke mode. The feature will include more space devoted to the lyrics and the option to adjust the volume of the vocal track on songs.

As reported by Forbes, Spotify wouldn’t be the first music streaming app to offer such a feature. Deezer announced earlier this year that it was introducing a karaoke mode that worked in conjunction with Google’s Chromecast devices. This upgrade allows users to turn their televisions into karaoke machines.

Free offline listening and Car mode

Apart from the karaoke mode, Wong also shared screenshots of another possible feature. The Twitter user previously tweeted that Spotify is also working on a way for people who use the free version of the music app to be able to listen offline. However, the rumor suggests this would only be possible for 30 minutes a day.

Another great new feature is going to make life easier for people who are always on the road. According to Wong’s post, users can expect larger grids or boxes for recommended playlists and a banner to remind them to maintain a hands-free experience from the app by utilizing Google Assistant.

A leaked screenshot of a new Car Mode interface shows a new option to search for songs by voice, hopefully meaning drivers will be less tempted to scroll through screens of playlists and albums while they are behind the wheel. The voice search button replaces the like button that is in the current Car Mode interface.

Image used courtesy of TechGumbo/YouTube Screenshot

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