Spotify now lets users search for songs using lyrics

Spotify now lets users search for song using lyrics

Spotify will now let users search for songs using lyrics which could save many from the headache of the frustration of searching.

Music is something crucial to everyone’s lives. Driving around town is less taxing because of music from the radio. Studying and working are also made a bit more fun while listening to music.

Sometimes humans carry out their tasks in cruise control. As such, there might be a song that plays on the radio, which is catchy, but the radio DJ forgets to introduce the title or the artist. As a result, looking for the same song could be a major pain in the neck.

Fortunately, the human brain can take so much information at any point in time. There are instances when the listener remembers a phrase or the chorus of the song despite not knowing the title. Spotify is taking advantage of this and is about to make its subscribers’ life easier.

Spotify allows its users to search for songs using lyrics

Lina, a Spotify designer, shared via Twitter that iOS and Android users can now use the app’s search bar to search for a song using lyrics. Previously, users had to remember any part of the song and type them on a Google search bar. The results sometimes can range from accurate to completely off-tangent from the song.

With the new Spotify lyrics match features, users are ensured that only a song search result is provided. This feature is a great compliment to audio-listening apps like Shazam or SoundHound that can help determine songs.

Spotify’s new feature isn’t new for audio streaming apps. Apple had this feature way back in 2018, but it is still a good look for Spotify to continue developing.

Collaborative playlists on the app have been improved

Last week, Spotify also made the playlist building more collaborative among its users. An original maker of a playlist can invite his friends to add more music or podcasts to the list. Spotify has made inviting easier by including an Add User button on the playlist header.

Moreover, the header also includes user avatars for the creator of the playlist to easily see who else is contributing to the list. These avatars also appear beside the track being played so that the listener can see who contributed the specific track.

Spotify’s rival, Apple Music, also has the same collaborative features. However, the user interface isn’t as rich as the latest update on Spotify.

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