Spotify rolls out a new feature of lyrics search

Spotify has introduced a new feature on its application. Now users can find their favorite song by typing the song’s lyrics.

It’s a pretty much fantastic feature of Spotify. Now, users can find the songs with the song’s lyrics. Most of the time, users listen to music, but they don’t know the exact name. They only remember some of its lyrics. At that time, the user tries to find that song with the lyrics.

Finding songs with the lyrics was very hard, but now Spotify has made it more comfortable after its new update.

Spotify’s designer Lin Wang announced the new Spotify feature on Twitter, “my team just shipped something on iOS and Android- now users can find songs by lyrics on Spotify. give it a try”.

Apart from this, finding songs with lyrics was previously launched by Apple music. Apple music had introduced this feature in 2018.

Due to the launch of Spotify’s new feature, the battle between Spotify and Apple Music has again started.

What is Spotify?

Spotify is a Swedish media streaming and media service provider company. In 2006, Danial Ek and Martin Lorentzon became the founder of Spotify. The company headquarter is situated in Stockholm, Sweden, and it’s corporate headquarter is located in New York City, USA.

The application is available in most of Europe, America, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, and Asia. As of July 2020, the company had 299 million monthly active users, including 138 million paying subscribers.

Lyrics Search

To use this feature, users have to open their Spotify app, and then they have to click on the search bar. In the same way, users have to type the lyrics of the song in the search bar.

After this, the application will list the songs whose lyrics will match the user’s search lyrics. Moreover, those list comes with a “lyrics match” tag. Along with this, Spotify has launched a new music chart, and that music chart is very different.

The new music chart is different because it is a Twitter account whose name is @Spotifychart. This chart will give a list of the top 50 US and globally weekly streamed songs. This new album chart will only be available on the @Spotifychart Twitter account, and this chart will be released every Monday.

Also, Spotify has released a new update for its “collaborative playlists.” The collaborative playlist is a fantastic feature that lets users share their music with family and friends. With the latest update’s help, users can easily add or invite other people in their collaborative playlist.

Image courtesy of Ascannio/Shutterstock

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