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Square Enix announces ‘Gate of Nightmares’ with ‘Fairy Tail’ creator


Fairy Tail’s creator is now partnering with Square Enix, launching a brand new IP titled Gate of Nightmares that will make its way to both iOS and Android devices.

Gate of Nightmares will be one of a kind, reminiscent of the original Dragon Quest. This time, however, Square Enix will partner with Fairy Tail creator Hiro Mashima. The latter will be in charge not only with design but help with development.

Nightmares follows three brand new characters

Nightmares will work as a mobile JRPG set in the world of Lemuria. In this world, people’s dreams manifest in the real world. Much like Square Enix’s usual tales, the world will be filled with swords and magic throughout a massive adventure.

The game will follow Azel, Emma, and Meruru, with Emma as the protagonist. Emma is known as a Nightwalker, who can summon creatures known as Nightmares. These creatures are shaped by the bad dreams of people.

Emma eventually encounters Azel, a mysterious boy unaffected by Nightmares. As they go on their own adventure, the story unfolds. As with most JRPGs, they go out in the world where the fate of Lemuria hangs in the balance.

Much like most titles, both Azel and Emma will meet more friends along the way to help. Every other hero they meet will help them save the world.

Mashima to head the game’s character design

Gate of Nightmares will be a game of its kind. The title will reunite Hiro Mashima with composer Yashuharu Takanashi, who also worked on other Fairy Tail titles. There’s also a trailer out now, which contains a few of issues.

From the trailer, it seems the game will be almost similar in style to Fairy Tail. This is a common problem shared by many of Mashima’s work, as Azel looks like Natsu clone. Emma, on the other hand, looks similar to Lucy Heartfilia.

Even then, each character will differ in their skills, with each character having signature techniques. Azel will be a traditional sword user, while Emma will work as the team’s ranger character. Meruru will be the resident mage with her staff.

Beyond the reveal trailer, there aren’t too many details for the game just yet. Much of the gameplay is still as obscure as it be, considering development is in its early stages.

There is no release date for the game yet. Square Enix says they will host a hands-on event that will give players a way to test the characters and gameplay. Sign-ups for Gate of Nightmares will take place on the official website, and testing will stay Japan-only for now.

Featured image courtesy of Square Enix Japan/Youtube Screenshot

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