Square Enix confirms ‘Legend of Mana’ anime in the works


Legend of Mana will now have an anime series, announced in conjunction with an upcoming mobile game and a new mainline game.

In an announcement, Square Enix details that a Legend of Mana anime is in the works. It will go as Legend of Mana: The Teardrop Crystal, under production with Warner Bros Japan, Yokohama Animation Lab, and Graphinica Inc.

Production teams include Warner Bros Japan

So far, there is not much information on what the anime will contain. Even then, the teams handling the work are nothing to scoff at.

For starters, Warner Bros Japan is the producer for big anime hits. These include titles such as Mob Psycho 100, Shokugeki no Soma, GATE, and Strike the Blood. Their production mastery should give the anime the justice it deserves.

Graphinica, on the other hand, are great at using 3DCG and 2D art. They are also experts at converting video game properties to animation. Their works include Chain Chronicle, Juni Taisen, and Muv-Luv Alternative.

Finally, Yokohama Animation Lab is well-known for their works on movies and original net animation (ONA) titles. Their body of work includes Jujutsu Kaisen, Magatsu Wahrheit: Zuerst, Miru Tights, and Monster Strike.

Teardrop Crystal to focus on Jumi storyline

Legend of Mana’s animation should be something great to watch. From the title itself, the Teardrop Crystal, the focus will likely be on the Jumi storyline. The Jumi people, humans with gems on their chests, have a very dramatic storyline.


Square Enix released its official key animation for the property. It also includes a comment from Sho Oyamada, the producer for the series.

“When we received a proposal for the anime adaptation, we still had not made or even considered the HD remaster of Legend of Mana,” said Yamada.

“Since they went through the trouble, I attended the meeting with a lighthearted feeling. But then Mr. Yawata from Warner Bros. Japan said ‘I really want to do it with LOM no matter what’ with powerful words and feelings. The love is heavy.

“Ah, in order to answer to this, I had to quickly make the game. That’s pretty much the details on how we began [working on] the remaster.”

“To all fans of LOM, please rest assured. The people involved with this anime are, without any doubt, adults who still have feelings and affections (on LOM),” added Masaru Oyamada, another producer for the series.

Legend of Mana is available as a remake right now. The series will also have a mobile release in the months to come.

Images courtesy of Legend of Mana/Official Website

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