Square Enix game ‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ boasts of unique features

Square Enix game 'Final Fantasy VII Remake' boasts of unique features

Final Fantasy VII Remake always had a lineup of unique and iconic characters. This time the remake brings evolution and twist to some of the known characters.

As expected, Square Enix brought the Final Fantasy VII Remake with distinctive features. The game always launched with a plethora of unique characters.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake comes not only with the breath-taking scenes and attributes of the game. It also brings to life the evolution of the game characters. Players should also expect new entries to the voices behind the characters that they usually hear and play along with.

Changes in the voice-over characters

One of the changes that took place came as a sad surprise a few days ago for Japanese voice actor fans. Kenjie Fujiwara succumbs to cancer at the age of 55. He was the voice behind the character of Reno.

On the other hand, Final Fantasy VII Remake welcomed Britt Baron and Brian White to the team of voices behind the game characters. Britt Baron will voice over the role of Tifa Lockhart while Briana White will be the voice that players will hear behind the character of Aerith Gainsborough.

In an interview, Baron describes the Final Fantasy VII Remake as the most intimidating voiceover project he received. He expressed the pressure he felt knowing that the game is like an established universe supported by a massive fandom.

White, on the other hand, said that she was beyond excited about the opportunity. Like Baron, White is also under pressure to make sure that she gives his best to the role that has a very special place in the heart of the people.

Final Fantasy VII Remake revolutionized characters

Aerith Gainsborough did not only have a new voice over character this launch. She showcased carefully crafted additions to her outfit. Still bearing the title of one of the best-looking Final Fantasy character ever, reports described her as the dream character of many.

Final Fantasy VII Remake could be Barret Wallace’s best recreation so far. The makers decided to add more physical details to his long-time screen appearance.

Sephiroth received minor physical and facial recreations. However, it does not change the fact that this iconic character remains to be one of the most highly acclaimed character of the gaming franchise.

Aside from his larger than life sword, Cloud Strife stole the attention of many due to the number of changes done to him. His hair, face, and body showed that the team worked on intricate details to make him stand out.

The players can now witness the recreated characters along with Jessie, Wedge, and Biggs as Square Enix made Final Fantasy VII Remake available worldwide.

Image Courtesy of Stefan Schubert/Flickr

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