Square Enix, Humble and other companies support Black Lives Matter


The video games industry is putting its support towards the Black Lives Matter movement. Several events are either delaying or pledging financial support to charities for people of color.

Several gaming media companies pushed for Blackout Tuesday for Black Lives Matter protests. Companies like Square Enix, Ubisoft, and Humble Bundle are donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to black charities.

Events like Cyberpunk 2077 Night City Wire and Summer of Gaming moved their timelines. These events were delayed to accommodate the voices that are protesting against racism.

Video games industry paves the way for better racial awareness

The video game industry is pushing for active condemnation against racism against blacks and people of color. The industry, known for its progressive views, understands the need to give voice to the unheard.

Blackout Tuesday is the online movement to fill the internet with blacked-out images. Blacking out information online means sites who do so can spare time to read about the BLM movement.

Within the gaming media industry, several companies are joining the call. Some teams are offering dedicated BLM support and resources pages. Others are going silent with their games broadcast.

“Black Lives Matter. Period. IGN will go silent today in support of Blackout Tuesday to encourage reflection and dedicate ourselves to meaningful change in our community,” said media company IGN on their Twitter account.

Cyberpunk 2077 is also moving their Night City Wire livestream from June 11 to June 25 to prevent potential distractions from what is happening.

Call of Duty is pushing back their seasons to drum up more interest in the Black Lives Matter movement.

Video game industry drums up financial support for black charities

Some other companies are trying to drum out funds to support black charities. Digital storefront Humble Bundle is putting up as much as $1 million as funding. The storefront will use the money to help Black developers in publishing their games.

Final Fantasy games publisher Square Enix donated as much as $250,000 for the movement. Square Enix also wants to match employee donations to black charities as a way to show solidarity.

Other companies like itch.io and Games Done Quick are also putting ways to drum up donations. Ubisoft announced a $100,000 pledge to the NAACP and BLM movement too.

The current uproar stems from the recent murder of George Floyd. Floyd underwent gruesome treatment in the hands of Minnesota PD officer Derek Chauvin.

The Black Lives Matter movement is pushing protests across the United States. The death of George Floyd sparked protests against racism and the treatment of people of color.

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