Square Enix’ ‘Kingdom Hearts Dark Road’ got postponed

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road's Young Xehanort

Square Enix’ up and coming mobile title based on the Kingdom Hearts series, Kingdom Hearts Dark Road, is delayed, with the assumption of the coronavirus pandemic as the cause.

The official word about the development of Kingdom Hearts Dark Road started back in January, with a promise of Spring 2020 release.

As per Dark Road’s official tweet, the delay is caused by the company’s ‘current conditions’—subtly insinuating the COVID-19 crisis that affected businesses across the world.

In addition, it also mentioned about the team finding ‘some means’ to live up to the promised Spring 2020 release.

Closing the tweet is a statement suggesting a follow-up update this coming June.

Anything to See?

For a game that has been in development for some time now, Dark Road shapes up to something.

Just last February, Square Enix provided some early details to give a sense about the game. Showing up some images of what appears to be a snapshot of the mobile title’s actual gameplay.

From the outset, the game doesn’t seem too different from Square Enix’ previous Kingdom Hearts-based mobile with Unchained Cross.

Two Games, Single App

Rather surprisingly, Dark Road is meant to be a game designed to run from the Unchained Cross app—essentially, bringing the two games under a single application.

However, it was also explicitly stated that the developing title is designed to be stand-alone. Meaning, players can choose to skip Unchained Cross and play Dark Road directly, without a problem.

Nevertheless, Square Enix also encourages players to enjoy Unchained Cross first before Dark Road, given a certain advantage. The perk comes from the points that carry over when players fill their Medal Album in Unchained Cross.

It means that the more filled the said album is, the greater points that goes to Dark Road. The more points the player has in Dark Road, the easier for the player to get better cards to use in-game.

Fast-paced Gameplay

As extracted from the revealed information, it seems that one of the defining aspects of Dark Road is its fast-paced gameplay. One that ‘depends on reflexes,’ as per page. It is likely that part of the gameplay’s action is the urgency of time, akin to an active-running gauge in RPG.

For those seeking something more substantial than just new gameplay, players can get revelation playing Dark Road. One, particularly, about uncovering the past life of the game’s main antagonist. The same mystery whose answer did not become known after the events of Kingdom Hearts 3 nor its DLC.

Image used courtesy of Twitter/KINGDOM HEARTS DARK ROAD

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