Square Enix launches an amazing JRPG steam bundle for charity

A great JRPG Steam Bundle sale promotion

After giving away tons of free games to promote social distancing amid an ongoing pandemic, Square Enix is launching a massive sale with the purpose of donating the proceeds to various charities and food banks across North America and Europe.

Dubbed the Square Enix Play at Home and JRPG Collection, the sale comprises of the company’s beloved role-playing games. The games in the collection includes Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age, Oninaki, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, and Chrono Trigger.

For a Great Cause

As the purpose of the promotion charity, none of the games in the said collection is given away for free. Instead, Square Enix is launching the sale with a great discount.

For the four aforementioned iconic JRPG titles, buyers may easily claim the games for only $49.84. There is a major difference considering a few games that will roughly cost $175 in total at full price.

A Look Into Each Game

Nintendo Switch owners may be enjoying an updated version of Dragon Quest XI. But PC players will still get to experience an outstanding RPG that is beloved by both fans and critics. For RPG lovers who are looking for another great turn-based RPG, this game is a definite must-have.

Final Fantasy XII is yet another groundbreaking RPG that draws from the classic as seen in the PS2 era. Essentially a remaster than a remake, this RPG is unique than most entries in the series for its gameplay. Fans of the series who played the game back on the PS2 will recall how the game pushed the hardware to its limits.

Oninaki is another major RPG that got its popularity for recreating the classic genre in the modern setting. While possibly the least stellar title in the list, the game still garners following for its unique approach to the genre.

Originally released in the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Chrono Trigger is a timeless masterpiece that was ported to PC. Many fans agree that this title makes for the greatest RPG made for its title. But even true modern RPG lovers will agree to the claim.

Buy All Four at Once

Each of the four games is currently at 50% sale in case anyone likes to cherry-pick. But despite the massive discount, buying the games individually will cost $87.46. The real bargain boils down to the Square Enix Play at Home and JRPG Collection which sets a fixed price of $49.84 for all titles.

Image used courtesy of Twitter/Square Enix

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