Square Enix MMORPG’s ‘Final Fantasy 14’ gets its base game, free expansion


Final Fantasy 14 will have its base game and its first expansion for free starting August 11. The Square Enix MMORPG will have a restricted free trial for the game.

According to the latest Final Fantasy 14 Letter livestream, the content will come with patch 5.3. Patch 5.3 will add new material and will put the base “A Realm Reborn” game for free. It will also have all content for “Heavensward” for free, leading into “Stormblood.”

Players can now play up to Heavensward

So far, players can now go as high as level 60 for all the classes available until Heavensward. These jobs will include the Dark Knight, Machinist, and the Astrologian. To sum up, they add up to 13 job classes in total, together with their questlines.

Free trial players can also create an Au Ra race character. They can pick between two clans, Raen and Xaela – both introduced during Heavensward too. The original free trial only allowed up to “A Realm Reborn,” letting players play for free up to level 35.

This free trial extension makes both the base game and first expansion free-to-play. This progression does not have any limit on both playtime or content. Even then, players have some restrictions on their actions.

For example, free players can’t join a guild, use the market boards, or even make parties. For that, together with further expansions, players would need to subscribe. The game right now is at patch 5.3, called Reflections in Crystal.

When players buy the next expansions, players don’t have to for the first two anymore. This move is an additional saving for the player.

Reflections in Crystal to overhaul Final Fantasy 14

The upcoming Final Fantasy 14 5.3 patch will be a delicious new update for fans of the game. Making the base game and first expansion free gives a better incentive for fans to play. It also saves fans a good chunk of money that they can use to subscribe.


The upcoming Reflections in Crystal will bring the Shadowbringers narrative arc to a close. This will happen with the Crystal Exarch being the center of what seems to be an exciting conclusion.

Reflections in Crystal will also include a new Heroes’ Gauntlet that adds a new Trust System. Another Trial boss fight will also tie into the game’s main narrative. While the upcoming patch will streamline A Realm Reborn, it will not make it any slimmer.

Final Fantasy 14 will update to its new content on August 11. Players should take advantage of the next patch to get the most out of the game.

Images courtesy of Square Enix/Youtube Screenshot

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