Square Enix Mobile RPG ‘Bravely Default Brilliant Lights’ currently in the works

Bravely Default Brilliant Lights trailer snapshot

RPG powerhouse Square Enix is announcing a developing mobile project with Bravely Default Brilliant Lights.

Square Enix had just dropped a video trailer showcasing its latest undertaking in the mobile gaming space. For many, this comes off as somewhat unceremoniously as there had not been word that foretells about the project. And it does not take long for the video to show its great reveal as it comes in bold letters—”BRAVELY DEFAULT”. But even before that, the text “Brilliant Lights” come as precedence, signaling its fresh entry in the franchise.

Amid the sudden reveal, there is a fairly obvious connotation as to the purpose behind it. It could be an indication of a 2022 release, which will coincide the 10th-year anniversary of the franchise.

A Familiar RPG

RPG fans would probably be familiar with what Bravely Default is as a franchise. Some who had the chance to be kept up-to-date with the gaming happenings with recall it for unique cutesy its graphics. But those who played the game back in the 3DS would remember it for its unique presentation and gameplay combat mechanics. In particular, for its unique fighting style known as the Brave and Default, which gave rise to the seminal title’s name.

For the non-Japanese, the video itself does not go much into revealing what the mobile title is about, aside from some eye-candy visuals. But from what was shown, familiar viewers could piece together what the game would be like, considering mobile elements. Microtransactions likely being one, considering the game’s offering as a free-to-play title. Bespoke controls and presentation also take center stage as the game takes advantage of the mobile platform’s overall functionality.

But on Mobile

As for the game itself, similar turn-based gameplay is expected as what is shown in the moving picture. Which meant that the same core battle mechanics, as well as the tactics around it, will remain as well.

Graphics-wise, the mobile game will feature a similar aesthetics as the recently-released Bravely Default II on the Switch. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s an artistic choice that is faithful to the original, nonetheless. It also significantly highlights the capability of modern hardware through such design.

While it comes as no surprise, it seems that Square Enix is investing more into mobile after finding some success in it. With the announcement, it only shows the company’s growing portfolio, which adds to some previously proclaimed developing titles. Namely, The First Soldier, Ever Crisis, and the recently revealed “Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile”.

Image used courtesy of SQUARE ENIX/YouTube Screenshot

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