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Square Enix, Nexon collaborative project, ‘Final Fantasy XI R’, officially cancelled


After years of sporadic updates, a Square Enix-Nexon project, the Final Fantasy XI R, is officially getting called off.

Coming from an original report at (translated to English by Gematsu), it shows agreement between two companies about not meeting expectations. In particular, the very same standards set by the creatives themselves for the fans.

With the abolition of the game development, it’s reported that both companies are shifting their focus towards other games. A move that still involves the people who were pivotal in developing the now-defunct mobile title.

Failed project

Final Fantasy XI Reboot originally made it into the airwaves last 2015 when the Japanese game company made the announcement for it. Aimed at introducing an existing universe to the modern audiences, the game initially saw a 2016 release date. Only for the title to disappear from attention and occasionally re-appearing to show that the project remains alive, despite the silence.

Amid the infrequent show-ups, it has been speculated that the developing title may already be doomed. One which a particular Korean media outlet, MTN, put into word after reporting that the project is indeed already over last year. The claim seemingly coming from the Korea-based Nexon who claimed the real status of the undertaking in an official manner.

In retrospect, it appears that development for Final Fantasy XI R went so far as around 2018. Consequently, set for Q2 2019 launch. But dramatic changes took place within Nexon’s internal operations, leading to further delays.

The onset of the COVID-19 also playing the final nail to the coffin, which sees SE temporarily venturing to a different business. A shift that ultimately becomes a conundrum for maintaining entrepreneurial relationship between two companies.

However, Nexon, has been upfront in saying that the project itself is difficult in the company’s perspective. No thanks in part to the popularity of the IP.

An enduring game

Concerns over Square Enix’s aging IP may had been a catalyst for the subsequent development of Final Fantasy XI R. But the original intellectual property to which it supposedly stems from remains ongoing to this day. Which, for a game released in 2002, would already be two decades old sometime next year.

However, with other IPs like Final Fantasy XIV and War of the Visions: Brave Exvius seeing strong demand, SE’s decision to focus on their successes is hardly surprising. So much so, in fact, that both games are to get major updates in the form of expansion and crossover, respectively, later this year.

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