Square Enix revealing new games in July and August

Square Enix announced they’re revealing new games. These were probably titles that were supposed to be unveiled in the canceled E3 2020.

Final Fantasy enthusiasts could receive some great news in the coming months. Square Enix revealed that they are announcing a few new games in July and August.

The news came after an investor’s meeting last July 24th. The company didn’t announce any particular games. However, players are expecting updates on Final Fantasy 16 or FF7 Remake Part 2.

The update comes after a question and answer portion during the meeting. A viewer asked if the company was going to announce new games at the canceled E3 event. The company confirmed that they were supposed to reveal new games at the E3 event and planned to do a replacement event.

However, their assets were still incomplete as of that time. The announcement could be integrated during the upcoming PlayStation 5 event.

E3 canceled

It’s most likely that the reveal would’ve happened at the recently canceled June E3 2020 event. Square Enix declared a few weeks ago that it wouldn’t hold any online events this month.

This is because assets and other factors for announcing new games weren’t yet available due to the implications of the pandemic slowing down production.

Possible new games

Square Enix is currently occupied on a few previously announced games. First, Luminous Productions is working on Project Athia.

Looking at the studio’s announcement a few days ago, the game is still under the early stages of production. It also looks like it’s the only game from Square Enix that is in full production as of this time.

Next, players were informed of multiple Dragon Quest games coming to the next-gen consoles. This means the announcements coming this summer wouldn’t be more about the said title.

Another possible reveal would be a new Subarashiki Kono Sekai game which will tie up with an also recently released anime. In addition, the company is also planning for installments for Just Cause, Tomb Raider and Life is Strange series.

Another Sony PS5 event

Sony has confirmed that they will be holding a few more PlayStation 5 events before its release in holiday 2020. It is also rumored that the PlayStation 5’s price will be unveiled in an event in August.

Square Enix has been known to make new game reveals alongside PlayStation events. One good example is Final Fantasy 13 being announced during the PlayStation 3 launch and new demos being demonstrated in the PS4 event.

Featured image courtesy of Daily Express/YouTube Screenshot

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